In this project, we wanted to showcase all of our skills – from brainstorming to graphic creation to photo and video production. The product we took was a fancy fruity lemonade that mainly female consumers would enjoy on a hot summer day.
Our idea:
sparkling organic - Photo and Video production, Branding and monthly content
This was a passion project, which means we did this project to demonstrate our skills. This was not a paid collaboration or a client project.
We analyzed the overall market and competitors and ideal customer and created a mood board of the future branding and feed based on the results.
Our designers have developed a photo shoot concept so that a photographer can create photos and videos that fit and complement the future feed.
On a photo shoot day, our photographer took stunning lifestyle pictures and videos of the product using a concept we developed.
These videos are perfect for reels and TikToks!
Then our designers came up with beautiful graphic posts and stories. Here are some close-ups.
We developed a new feed. We used images and videos we took and graphic posts we created to develop a new feed. They fit together perfectly. Here is the final result.
Here is the final
Instagram feed!
On this brand board, we've compiled all the visual elements of the new branding such as brand colors, typography and graphic elements like textures, patterns and brand images. We create brand boards for all Creatory clients so that they can use it to create any type of design such as a website design.
If you want your brand to get a makeover next, be sure to schedule a free call with us.
The whole team had a lot of fun developing and organizing the photo shoot and designing the graphics. We are very happy with the final result, as we were able to achieve our goal of creating a coherent branding and a perfect feed for a fresh and summery drink.
Our conclusion