The objective of this project was to develop a brand identity, including a logo, that captures the essence of the Ounce bar's unique concept of mini-format cocktails and reflects the emotional state of fun and relaxation after drinking cocktails.
Our goal
The Ounce Bar is a cocktail bar that specializes in creating mini-format cocktails, allowing visitors to enjoy and try out multiple cocktails throughout their evening rather than sticking to just one.
Ounce — BRANDING and MONthly content
We analyzed the target audience and competitors of the Ounce bar. We found that the target audience of the Ounce bar is young people aged 18-25 who come to have fun and get a boost of energy. The competitors of the Ounce bar are other bars and clubs in the area that offer cocktails and nightlife experiences.
Based on the research, we designed a bold and modern logo that makes the bar easy to recognize. For the brand's color scheme, we decided to incorporate the flag of Great Britain to reflect the bar's origin and inspiration. We aimed to capture the feeling of lightness and relaxation that comes with enjoying a cocktail, making it an integral part of the brand identity.
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Our main goal was to create not only a visually appealing design, but also a comprehensive system of visual communication to convey the philosophy of the Ounce bar. We are delighted with the outcome, as we managed to successfully capture the essence of the brand and accurately represent our client's vision and values.
Our conclusion