Casafit wanted to appeal to a more adult audience on Instagram. They wanted a rebranding of their Instagram feed with more "mature" and calm colors and fonts that would appeal to the new target audience.
Our goal
Casafit is a Berlin-based company that produces sustainable and high-quality fitness and
yoga equipment such as mats and resistance bands.
CASAFIT — BRANDING and MONthly content
We analyzed the overall market as well as Casafit's competitors and ideal customer, and created a mood board of the future branding and feed based on the results.
Our designers have created beautiful graphic posts and stories for Instagram that fit and complement the future feed.
The new feed was developed with photos from older photo shoots.
Here is the result!
Brand Board: In this one-page, easy-to-read document, we have compiled all the visual elements of the new branding such as brand colors, typography, and graphic elements such as textures, patterns, and brand images. Casafit can use this brand board to create any type of design such as redesigning their website.
"Creatory has been creating content for our Instagram channel for over a year. The team is responsible for keeping our community and customers happy on social media. From strategy development to content creation and planning, they handle all tasks. The content is created with content and graphics that fit our target audience. It's a great relief to hand over all content creation to a competent and reliable team."
If you want your brand to be revamped next, be sure to schedule a free call with us.
We are proud of our work and look forward to creating more great designs for Casafit in the future.
Our conclusion